A Simple Idea

LWA was founded on a simple idea: A collaboration between clients and advisors to create a firm where advisors would never want to leave, and clients turn into our staunchest supporters.

As long-time investment advisors, senior managers and client advocates, we saw the disparity between what we had always envisioned as the perfect client experience and the reality of Wall Street practices. Through boom and bust, we witnessed increasing client mistrust with their financial institutions, and ethical, hard-working advisors leaving the industry out of frustration. 

We realized that we could build a firm where everybody feels valued, heard and respected – a firm that is guided by transparency, trust, intellect and hard work. We knew that there was a demand for a firm that put the client’s interest first, where employees felt loyalty from their employers, and in turn, were loyal.

Our quest to provide a truly special experience relies on listening to our clients and advisors. Your voice is the gift that allows us to deliver the client and advisor experience that you deserve. Please accept our invitation to learn more about LWA and let us know your thoughts!


Lee and Mark

The Laurel Leaf:
A symbol of awareness and creativity, renewal and hopeful expectation, triumph and success, prosperity and peace.