Do you share our vision?

Our seasoned advisors have a history of strong leadership, sound investment strategies, and the ability to deliver quality advice to meet our clients’ needs. Our management team has adapted to a rapidly changing wealth management industry by envisioning and creating a client-centered and advisor-attuned firm; this approach runs contrary to the large investment banks that have prioritized their corporate interests ahead of their clients’ and advisors’ needs. At LWA, we put our clients and advisors where they rightfully deserve to be—at the center of our business blueprint. Client goals and objectives, and advisor coaching and support, drive our every decision.


To be part of a firm that represents the true wishes of the client and where the goal is the achievement of their financial success.


To maintain a work environment where employees are valued, encouraged to grow, and can realize their full potential.


To deliver well researched, relevant and non-biased information and products.


To establish ourselves as a positive presence in the community through philanthropic contributions and educational activities.